catering set up

Hot Buffet Service:
This service starts at $11.95 per person and would include 2 to 3 basic entrees such as certain chicken dishes (boneless, skinless chicken extra) and certain beef and pork dishes. Vegetable and potatos can be mixed can be mixed and matched in almost any quantity and variety. This buffet also includes a salad bar, rolls and butter, coffee, tea, and all accompaniments. It also includes all paper products plus utensils, napkins and coffee cups.

Price would increace according to different entrees chosen, such as prime rib, various seafoods and other items.

China Service:
This service is designed to accompany any hot buffet. The basic price would $5 additional per person and includes: dinner and salad plates, knife, fork, spoon, coffee cup, and saucer. The following items are at a rental price: wine and water glasses, and bread and butter plates. China Service would also require server(s). Includes set up and hand washing.

Waitress/ Server Service:
Server(s) can be utilized on any buffet with paper products. This service is also required for any china service party.

Party Trays $5.95 Per Person
This service includes food, prep and display set-up, and pick-up after function. A refundable deposit may be required for first time clients.

NOTE: A 15% service fee will be added to all functions.

Events Include:

Wedding Christmas Clam Bakes
Anniversary Shower Special Events
Banquet Communion Rehersal Dinners
Graduation Office party Breakfast Meetings
Business Meetings Conferences Picnics & BBQ's